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“Hawaiian Healing Massage is an effective & unique bodywork that gently and smoothly eases muscle pain, tension and stress caused by our day to day living.”

  • Improves Joint Movement
  • Eases Sciatic & Lower Back Aches
  • Releases Tight Shoulders
  • Can greatly improve your general health, well-being and appearance
“Rebecca’s Hawaiian Healing Massage is a luxuriously soothing experience. Time drifts by while my mind wafts amongst images of tropical splendour evoked by the Hawaiian music playing softly in the background. Soreness is eased in her tranquil setting. I left feeling refreshed and look forward to my next massage.” Margy Watson, Teacher.

This graceful, in-depth bodywork incorporates hula movements to produce a profound healing effect for the recipient, at the same time energizing the practitioner. In ancient times in Hawaii it was performed by a Kahuna (master) in the temples as a rite of passage into new realms of life.

“I have found Rebecca’s technique to be patient, energizing & effective in treating my illness of 2 years. Rebecca has aided in regulating my menstrual cycle and relieving my symptoms and stress levels relating to a high-powered lifestyle. When I’m on Rebecca’s table nothing matters except me, its pure indulgence & I’m in heaven!” Trudi McCaul, Manager.

Hawaiian Healing Massage is a very different style of massage to what you may have experienced previously. Rebecca uses her whole arm with flowing and rhythmical movements – this makes the massage extremely smooth & gentle. If you have muscular tension or pain you will find relief with the varying pressure applied. It can be deep or soft totally depending on your needs.

Who can receive Hawaiian Healing Massage?
ANYONE who is open to the experience, any body, any size, any shape or form.

“After a serious lower back injury and refusing a surgical option I decided to pursue all forms of remedial therapies. In this process I discovered Rebecca Hopkins. And it is Rebecca with her intuitive ability and her techniques in Hawaiian Healing Massage who has provided me with consistent beneficial results. I find Rebecca to have a very professional manner, a kind nature and she always has something pleasant to say. I have no hesitation in recommending anybody to Rebecca for treatment.” Scott Mitchell, Chef.

Your joints, hands, feet and scalp receive attention, Rebecca also massages the abdomen, aligning the internal organs. The alignment of the organs is essential to the body, allowing the natural flow of energy downward for a healthy intake and release process.

In Hawaiian Healing Massage you are treated as a whole being – lomi lomi means to touch with loving hands, the massage helps to connect areas of the body, mind and soul on all levels to work as one. It is a way for your body to communicate with you by re-igniting the life force in your cells.

Guaranteed To Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind & Nurture Your Soul! Call Rebecca For Your Appointment On: (07) 5494 3150 or 0415 518 415. Maleny Qld.

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